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About Us

Your Child Is in Caring Hands


At Little Oak, our aim is to create a home environment, caring for children of different ages, from various backgrounds and cultures. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities within play in order to cultivate skills that will be crucial in life as they get older.

There are a few important factors that set our daycare apart, one of which is health and wellness. The kids' meals are prepared fresh in-house, using wholesome natural ingredients, while avoiding processed foods altogether!  Organic meats and dairy are used, with fresh vegetable and fruit at every meal. Along with nourishing meals the kids get daily gross motor movement, whether it's indoor games or outdoor fun!


Another passion of ours at Little Oak is an emphasis on character development. While most child care facilities focus on academic preparation for school, there isn't much emphasis made on developing morals and values that are crucial in equipping kids for life. Children spend a large chunk of their day at daycare, so it is crucial that their character is continued to be shaped with intention. Honesty, perseverance, self-control, kindness are some of the many traits the kids learn about and practice through activities and games.

At Little Oak, we provide materials and tools, as well as freedom for the child to choose their activities; this fuels the curiosity and allows room for self-correction, critical thinking.Dr. Maria Montessori plays a significant role in how we have shaped our daycare mission. She saw children as natural learners, capable of initiating learning, so long as adults prepare a supportive environment. While we are not set up in the Montessori style, the structure of the day and our approach to activities is inspired by her methodology.

We are hopeful that our daycare will spark the desire for lifelong learning.

Health & Safety

One of our priorities is to keep a clean, sanitized environment for our children, especially post COVID-19 regulations. We do our best to ​minimize the risk of infection by constantly wiping surfaces, keeping children's belongings separate, and observing any signs of illness.

We thank our families for doing their part and modeling these things in their homes.

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